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43 Lessons: Life Taught Me πŸ’–

These 43 lessons that life has taught me are truly invaluable and should be revisited weekly to keep them close to the heart. So go ahead and read each one, and don’t stop until you’ve reached the end – trust me, it will be part of your self-discovery and empowerment journey.

As a mother of two happy, successful, accomplished, and fulfilled children I get asked a lot by others who wonder how I have managed to cultivate such strong family ties in today’s fast-paced world. Their inquiries fill me with a deep sense of pride, knowing that my children are doing incredibly well and pursuing their passions with joy and contentment.

As I navigated the journey of raising my children, I carefully crafted certain principles, not to impose on them, but solely to guide myself.

  1. My children will only have one childhood; make it meaningful.
  2. As I came to understand, raising children involves a process much like tending to a garden. Just as a skilled gardener cares for each plant with individual attention, I have discovered the importance of nurturing each child in their own unique way.
  3. Every child has their own special path to take. It’s important to acknowledge and embrace their individual strengths, instead of trying to make them conform to something they’re not. Don’t expect a fish to fly or an elephant to swim – let them be who they are.
  4. I firmly believe in embracing each child’s unique journey, never resorting to comparisons. Not only is it disrespectful, but it also drains away their happiness. My ultimate goal is for children to wholeheartedly pursue their individual races.
  5. Let my children witness my humanity; shedding tears is a natural part of my motherhood.

β€œWhen it comes to taking care of our children, it’s important to also take care of ourselves.”

Throughout my own parenting journey, I have gained valuable insights that I would love to pass on to you to make your journey smoother.

  1. Life may not always seem fair, but it is full of opportunities for growth and development.
  2. Amidst the unknown, taking small steps can often be the most effective path to move forward.
  3. It is important to treasure every moment of life, for it is a journey that is worth savoring.
  4. During times of struggle, it’s family and loved ones who provide the strongest support.
  5. Stay true to yourself in the midst of conflict; your authenticity will always be your greatest asset.
  6. Open yourself up to vulnerability; expressing your emotions brings you closer to others.
  7. Take charge of your future now; retirement planning is essential. It is wise to carefully handle our health, finances, including managing credit card balances,
  8. Treat yourself to life’s simple pleasures; resisting Golgappas is a battle you’ll never win!
  9. Make peace with your past; it shapes your present journey.
  10. Don’t let comparison steal your happiness; focus on embracing your own unique journey.
  11. The act of keeping secrets in a relationship can often be a red flag (warning sign).
  12. Take deep, calming breaths to soothe both your body and mind.
  13. Rid your life of excess baggage; it only hinders your progress.
  14. Embrace adversity as it builds resilience and fuels your inner strength.
  15. Happiness is your responsibility, and the pursuit of happiness is a lifelong journey; it’s never too late to start and the power is in your hands.; own it.
  16. Chase your passions with unwavering determination; never settle for ‘no’ as the ultimate answer.
  17.  Celebrate each and every day, don’t wait for a special occasion to find joy in life.
  18. Strive to be prepared well, but also open to the beauty of spontaneity.
  19. Accept and celebrate your unique qualities; live genuinely.
  20. The truest form of closeness starts in the mind.
  21. Look at life’s obstacles through a future-oriented lens.
  22. Choose the brighter path in all situations. Choose best from the worst.
  23. Forgive and let go, but remember the lessons learned.
  24. Your worth is defined by your journey, not others’ opinions.
  25. Time has a restorative energy; give it room to work.
  26. Change is constant; it brings new opportunities. Embrace change; it opens new doors.
  27. Find humor in your shortcomings; it makes life more lighthearted.
  28. Have faith in the extraordinary; miracles do happen.
  29. Engage fully in life; for every moment offers opportunity.
  30. Embrace the privilege of aging; for it is a blessing.
  31. Love is the ultimate treasure; let it guide your every action.
  32. Be sure to let out a hearty laugh now and then; it’s a wonderful way to nourish the soul.
  33. Nature offers miracles daily; make sure to embrace them.
  34. Trust in the promise of your future, for it will surely arrive.
  35.  No matter how you feel, always show up for life.
  36. There are moments when surrendering can actually lead to victory.
  37. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary for wellbeing
  38. View mistakes as chances for development and education. Embrace the idea that failure can propel you towards achieving your goals.
  39. Be open to change; and remain receptive to its potential for growth.
  40. Release your grip on things beyond your control and instead direct your energy towards what you can change.
  41. Your mindset determines your experience, so foster a positive outlook to shape your reality.
  42. With gratitude, perspectives can be changed. Take the time to appreciate all that you have.

Gratitude for sticking with me until the very end. You may be wondering about the title that promised 43 insights, yet here I am only sharing 42. But don’t worry, I’ve saved the best for last.

You’re a work in progress; embrace the journey. The gift of life is unpredictable; cherish each step of the journey.

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