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Sarita Chugh Best Self-Discovery and Empowerment Coach for Mothers in India

Sarita Chugh

Certified NLP Practitioner,

Self-Discovery and Empowerment Coach

Get Empowering in Motherhood

I educate and encourage stressed-out teenagers, big kids, preteens, and their mothers to decode challenging situations through a holistic lens, helping them find a life they love. πŸ’•

My mission by 2033 is to empower 1 million teenagersΒ and their mothers in self-discovery to find fulfilment, joy, and purpose.

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Namashkar Mummy,

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Dear Big Kid's Mom,

With insight and encouragement, I can’t wait to lead you on a transformative journey through motherhood, from overcoming parental obstacles to encouraging, educating, and empowering mothers of big kids. Become a part of our community and β€œGet Empowering in Motherhood” right now!

With 20 years of experience working with moms of big kids from various backgrounds, I’ve become skilled at connecting with and motivating mothers to reach their fullest and greatest potential. I’m dedicated to giving a safe, supportive, encouraging, and judgment-free space for moms to explore their thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, dreams, and goals. My mission is to empower mothers to be their best selves.

"As Big Kids’ Mother Life Skill Coach, we serve as architects of love, constructing a foundation of trust and understanding that shapes both our children's dreams and our own."

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