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As Big Kids’ Mother Life Skill Coach, my passion lies in empowering fellow mothers to lead peaceful and happy lives and to embark on a journey towards becoming their very best selves. I firmly believe that every mother has the potential to achieve great things, and I am fully committed to guiding them in nurturing the skills, mindset, and resilience needed to navigate today’s world. By focusing on their personal growth, I aim to help them reach new heights and live a life filled with joy, peace and happiness.

My Story

In my life’s journey, I am a proud mother blessed with two extraordinary adults, Nikunj Chugh and Divyanshi Chugh, as my children. Nikunj runs a thriving Digital Marketing company (Hashtag Consultancy) , while Divyanshi is the visionary founder of the (Purnam community). Witnessing their accomplishments fills my heart with immense pride.

But there is a reason behind their success. As a mother, I have always strived not to hinder their growth and aspirations, no matter the challenges we faced together. This journey was like a rollercoaster ride, with moments of joy and moments of sorrow. Like an inexperienced doctor trying to diagnose an illness, I stumbled and made mistakes, learning through trial and error.

However, I never lost courage. Throughout this process, I have evolved and grown, not just as a parent but also as a person. Being an educator at my academy (Unique Learning Academy) for the past two decades, teaching 11th and 12th-grade students, I felt the disconnect between parents and their children. To bridge this gap, I shifted my focus towards better understanding my students and their parents, even taking NLP training.

To me, children are invaluable gifts and the future of our family, society, country, and humanity. They are not here to fulfill our desires; rather, they have come with a mission to make the world a better place. This realization sparked a mission within me. I aimed to awaken mothers to support their big kids’ journey into adulthood as independent, mindful, and emotionally intelligent individuals. My goal was to inspire mothers to take pride in their children and cultivate strong relationships instead of complaints. Simultaneously, I wanted mothers to embark on their own personal growth journey.

With this mission in my heart, I began empowering mothers to become effective guides for their big kids. I wanted mothers to have the knowledge and understanding to support their big kids so that when they step into adulthood, they carry the qualities that make not just their parents proud but themselves too. As a human, I believe in personal growth and knew that as mothers, we have the power to shape not just our children’s future but also our own.

And so, my journey continues, as I strive to be a guiding light for mothers, encouraging them to join me on this transformative path. 

I educate and encourage stressed-out MOTHERS of big kids to decode challenging situations through a holistic lens so they can find a life they love.

Together, let’s transform chaos into calm, exhaustion into energy, and uncertainty into confidence.

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