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Parenting with Love and Logic (E-Book)


Embark on a transformative journey with ‘Parenting with Love and Logic,’ a downloadable e-book that delves into the intricate landscape of teenagers’ rejection of parental solutions.

Drawing from vast experience, the author navigates challenges faced by parents and teens, offering insights rooted in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to bridge the communication gap.

This beacon of hope empowers parents to build lasting connections amidst the complexities of raising teenagers, fostering empathy, trust, and shared growth.


Delve into the profound insights offered by ‘Parenting with Love and Logic,’ where the author takes you on a transformative journey into the heart of understanding teenagers’ rejection of parental solutions.

With a wealth of experience in working with young minds, the book serves as a magnifying glass, shedding light on the intricate challenges faced by both parents and teenagers.

At the core of this enlightening narrative lies the foundation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a framework designed to bridge the gap of miscommunication.

As you venture beyond the surface, you’ll find a tapestry of insights meticulously woven for parents and teenagers alike.

The book unravels the essence of the matter, tapping into the wellspring of understanding that forms the bedrock of healing the fractures within parent-teen relationships.

For parents who often find themselves entangled in a web of frustration, these pages offer solace.

With a staggering 93% of parents grappling with the complexities of the teenage landscape, ‘Parenting with Love and Logic’ emerges as a beacon of hope.

It becomes a guide, carefully crafted to untangle the intricacies of why teenagers reject parental solutions, offering a blueprint for cultivating connections that withstand the tests of time.

Beyond the mere offering of solutions, this book embarks on a journey of building stronger connections.

It emphasizes the fostering of understanding and igniting the sparks of communication.

It delves deep into the root causes of conflict, paving the way for relationships fortified by empathy, trust, and shared growth.

The pages of this transformative book are a testament to the author’s dedication in reshaping parent-teen dynamics.

It serves as an invitation to shed the cloak of frustration and walk a path toward lasting harmony.

As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and connection, may you find the threads that weave your relationships stronger and your bonds unbreakable.

Please note: ‘Parenting with Love and Logic’ is a downloadable e-book, a beacon of wisdom that can be accessed at your convenience, lighting the path toward better understanding and harmonious relationships.

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About Author

Sarita has had an incredible impact on the lives of many teenagers by inspiring them to unlock their full potential and become the best version of themselves. Her dedication to helping young people achieve academic success and develop mindfulness skills has been remarkable. Through her compassionate and supportive approach, she has helped students overcome challenges, develop confidence, and cultivate a positive mindset. Her trans-formative coaching has turned many ordinary Teens into superTeens, equipped with the skills and mindset needed to achieve their goals and thrive in all areas of life.


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