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Turmoil in Teenagers: An Urgent Call to Address

In the fast-paced and competitive Indian educational environment, where success is often measured by academic achievement and social expectations, a major concern has emerged – an alarm, a red flag. The multifaceted nature of this article highlights the complex causes of emotional turmoil experienced by many teenagers from relentless academic pressure to limited mental health support They do, of awareness, shed light on the urgent need for intervention and systemic change to address these pressing issues.

Here are some possible reasons for turmoil in teenagers.

Learning Pressure:

  1. High expectations from parents, teachers and society for academic excellence.
  2. Fierce competition for limited places in prestigious institutions.
  3. Fear of disappointing family and losing reputation.

Lack of Mental Health Support:

  1. Awareness and stigma of mental health issues.
  2. Inadequate access to mental health professionals and counselling services.
  3. Not giving up seeking help for fear of justice.

Parental and Social Expectations:

  1. Pressure to follow traditional business models, often ignoring individual interests.
  2. Cultural emphasis on success and consistency, which can lead to stress.

Separation and Loneliness:

  1. Adjusting to a new environment (e.g. in a relocated relocation) can lead to feelings of isolation.
  2. Difficulty making new friends and support networks.

Financial Burden:

  1.  Financial difficulties of families in paying for education and related expenses.
  2. Concerns about future job prospects and financial stability.

Extra-curricular Activities:

  1. Limited time for hobbies, sports, and other activities due to a demanding curriculum.
  2. Isolated from potential sources of stress.

Peer Pressure and Bullying:

  1. Struggle with bullying, social acceptance, or dealing with bullying.
  2. Impact of cyberbullying and internet bullying on psychological well-being.

Parent Pressure and Communication:

  1. Lack of clarity between parents and children regarding mental health.
  2. Imposing career choices and lifestyle decisions by parents.

Uncertain Job Prospects:

  1. Concerns about finding a suitable job after graduation.
  2. Lack of alignment between skills acquired through education and industry needs.

Remember that everyone’s circumstances are unique, and many factors can interact to help keep them sane. It is important to address this issue with sensitivity and understanding that it is important for those struggling with mental health to seek professional help and support.

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